Procedure to Spray on Bed & Bedding’s

  • Remove mattress & box springs33
  • Spray all joints, bed headboard, and footboard, under legs
  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth
  • Remove fabric lining from bottom of box spring
  • Spray inside box spring around & over
  • Spray over & around the mattress and mattress seams
  • Spray all pillow seams and pillows
  • Spray under bed and bedding


Procedure to Spray on other Furniture

  • Remove netting fabric from bottom
  • Spray over & under couch, chairs & tables
  • Inside seat cushions, cushion seams and under furniture legs
  • Spray over and under rugs,  carpet & around all furniture
  • Spray Closets and Mist over clothes
  • Spray all cracks, crevasses, corners & all cabinets including the kitchen
  • Remove drawers, spray drawer sliders, inside & under drawer, all wood joints
  • Spray under & behind all furniture
  • If you spray vinyl, plastic or leather, Wipe off with a clean dry cloth immediately.
  • DO NOT SPRAY on  television screen under any circumstance


General Directions for Use 

  • Shake well before using
  • For best results, shake vigorously.
  • Spray directly onto bed bug infested areas including bedding, carpet, walls, cracks, crevices, interior of night stands and dresser drawers.
  • Follow up within 1-2 weeks after application in the same areas.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes
  • Always test area before full application

Technique to apply the Bed Bug Spray

  • Shake Well
  • Invert the container
  • Spray all areas throughout the entire household
  • Beginning the furthest distance from the Infestation
  • Work your way the infestation, spray the most affected area last
  • Spray every 7 to 10 days at least 3 applications
  • Shake each time prior to spraying