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Suma Pest Management is one of the leading suppliers of ISPM15 compliant heat treated wooden pallets in India. We are actively involved in manufacturing, exporting and supplying Heat Treating Pallets. The heat treating pallets supplied by us are widely used in diverse industrial applications

• Packaging of the cargo is one of the most important aspects in trade business. Cargo should be packed in such a way that it should not only be protected from damage due to mishandling but also from pests and insects

• Wood packaging material such as crates, boxes, packing cases, Dunn age, pallets, cable drums and spools/reels etc are used for packing exportable goods, can be carriers of various insect pests and diseases like borer, mites, termites and fungi, bacteria’s, etc

• In accordance with this standard, the packaging materials should be produced from raw material which prevents wood pests. Packaging materials include for example, boxes, boards, wooden pallets, wooden bases, etc

• As per the WTO agreement many countries have imposed varied and stringent Phytosanitary measures to protect their forest and biodiversity from exotic pests Phytosanitary Inspection Certificate. This certificate is a Formal Document issued by exporting country’s agricultural authorities to verify a shipment has been inspected and is free from harmful pests and plant diseases

• WTO has adopted International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) 1951 as standard setting body which harmonizes the Phytosanitary measures with participation, consent of all member countries in the form of international standards

• All member countries have signed the instrument of adherence; INDIA is one of the signatories to this convention since 1952 ISPM-15 is one of such standard which describe internationally accepted phytosanitary procedure including treatment and that may be applied to wood packaging material by all countries to reduce significantly the risk of introduction and spread of most quarantine pest that may be associated with packing material

• There are two types of treatment listed under ISPM-15 to disinfest the pest from wood packaging material

1. Fumigation with Methyl Bromide @ 48gm/cum with exposure for 24 hrs
2. Heat treatment with core temperature at 56°C for half hour

• ISPM15 standard is mandatory nowadays for shipping company using wood packaging

• Heat treatment is the most widely used method to comply with ISPM-15 norms, as no chemical is involved in this process

• Major advantage of heat treatment is that it reduces the moisture content of the wood considerably which in turn makes the wood less prone to microbial infestations like fungus and mould (commonly blue stained and mould or decay fungi found in India)

• Processing marking shall be affixed to each product of packaging, which proves that the wood has undergone heat treatment and within 30 minutes was heated at a temperature of 56 ° C

• If the packing material was not prepared by heat treatment, the problems with cargo during transport may arise and most of the times goods will be returned

• One of the main benefit of heat treatment over fumigation is that heat treatment is an eco-friendly method with least detrimental effect on the environment, especially during current environmental concerns in the international community

• As compared to fumigation heat treatment is hassle-free with less safety concern. In fumigation of the loaded container, methyl bromide is readily absorbed by lot of export consignments and dangerous level of gas is detected at the port of discharge

Our Heat Treatment Services

We guarantee high quality, long lasting and effective heat treatment service

Long-term cooperation with specialized enterprises gives us the ability to produce all types of heat treatments

Our ISPM15 Heat Treated Wooden Pallets are excellent for their strength, dryness & sanitation and will always surpass your expectation from pallets for prices as well

We have designed and developed customized packaging solutions specifically for the requirements of various industries to prevent from transit damages like breakages, scratches, dents, abrasions and corrosion

Besides designing the packaging, it also oversees the actual packaging operations at the customer's site, sourcing and incorporating other materials in the process wherever required

We have enormous product range that includes thermoplastic PE foam sheets and profiles, cross-linked and blended PE foams (block & extruded), as well as air bubble films and composites thereof

We’re specialists in treating export and import commodities of all kinds – from wood packing material (ISPM 15) to logs and cocoa beans, cotton, rice, tobacco, USAID cargo, wicker, spices, marble and brassware

We also offer customized products like corrosion resistant, anti-static, UV resistant and metal laminated foam & bubble films, and other specialty rubber foams

Whether a client is a large scale manufacturer with heavy and regular packing needs or a small exporter with the occasional requirement, we have wide variety of services ranging from recommendation and selection of the right material, customized design and fabrication, packing and even dispatch with total assurance