Import & Export Fumigation Specialist

In tunes to our mission of providing complete cargo solutions, we started SUMA PEST CONTROL to provide fumigation services for both Export & Import cargo as per ISPM-15, NSPM-22 & AQIS standards and fumigation of ships, large godowns and warehouses.

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Additional Services

Our trained pest control technicians and qualified fumigators are experienced in all types of fumigations and pest control techniques and processes

Fumigation Procedures

Our motto is “Superior sanitation and scientific storage methods for maintaining the cargo in sound condition prior to import or export”

  • We are able to provide a complete fumigation along with the issue of a globally valid and acceptable fumigation certificate and the stamping / marking of the wood where required to meet with international specifications
  • Fumigation can be conducted on site, at our warehouse or in the containers at the time of packing
  • Over the time we have developed strategic, customized fumigation treatments for commodities in a variety of storage and transport formats
  • Our technical team is equipped with all the latest instruments and we follow the modern technology of Fumigation by using Methyl Bromide and Aluminum Phosphide (phosphine) gas for operations

• Space
• Bagged commodities
• Fogging

• Import
• Export

• Import Cargo
• Export Cargo
• Equipment Cleaning

• USDA Soil Removal
• Steam Cleaning / Pressure washing

• Precision Fogging Programs
• Customized Facility Spray Applications
• Empty Storage Spray Applications
• Heat Treatments as perISPM15 requirements
• Termite Control Treatment during Pre & Post Construction Stage as per ISI standards with Guarantee
• Rodent control & De-ratting of Ships
• Dis-infestation of Warehouses, Food plants and residential premises
• Heat Treatments as per ISPM15 Requirements

Fumigation Services