Logistics through Transparency, Tranquility and Technology

Shreem Logistics is the most professional and well equipped multiple service providers in the Logistics & Shipping industry. Shipping and Logistic industry is driven by technology, deadlines, capacity and cost efficiencies; we pride our self in fulfilling all these requirements. Shreem Logistics is simply the easiest and most cost effective wharf and container services to move your belongings.

Logistic Services

  • We work closely with Indian and international shipping companies to ensure all imports and exports are coordinated to meet our client’s specific needs
  • We offer a reliable transport service for a variety of different purposes. Backed by years of industry experience, we offer a range of services that cater for the general transportation of goods, as well as more specific services
  • We provide end-to-end services from container packing and unpacking to warehousing and distribution and ensure all shipping containers are handled with the utmost care
  • Shreem Logistics has been an integral part of the shipping industry in India for over 15 years and is proud to be recognized as one of India’s oldest independently operated, family owned transport company
  • We specialize in rail transport, road transport and transport storage, handling and repairs of all types of shipping containers
  • Our services include local, interstate or international transport
  • We are specialist in standard & custom cargo and sea containers in India
  • We customize cargo containers to suit almost any container requirements
  • We have a dedicated work force and an excellent relationship with the Customs, Port, Central Excise Authorities and all the Shipping Companies. Expert’s in Warehousing & Distribution
  • We also provide customised warehousing solution for goods of all sizes, from single parcels to full container loads
  • We also own and operate a fleet of side-lifters for general wharf and shipping container transportation. These vehicles enable us to uplift containers from trucks onto the ground at your premises
  • We are equipped with a fleet of haulage equipment that spans the nation, and have industry specific container transportation system to ensure your freight is delivered within budget on time and of course, safely
  • In order to offer our customers complete convenience, we provide short or long-term storage and also have purpose-built warehouse facilities that allow us to provide a reliable third-party warehousing service
  • You can always count on our professional staff to ensure your goods are taken care of, from start to finish
  • We offer our commitment to outstanding service and on-time deliveries