Experts in Export Packaging

  • These days pallet, crate or any other packaging of import/export stuff is not that simple. Moreover if you are in the food or pharmaceutical business your customers will be looking very closely at the health and safety of the packaging you use. This leads to demands for heat treated wooden packaging, hygienic plastic pallets and boxes
  • We are a trusted manufacturer, supplier and distributor of packing material for exportable goods along with necessary Phytosanitary treatment like fumigation with methyl bromide or forced hot air treatment as per ISPM – 15 norms
  • We also provide Storage Service and Packing Services
  • Our experience coupled with our methodical approach and expertise, we are also involved in manufacturing various types of packaging used for industrial, machinery, heavy type of packing and export quality packing
  • There has been increasing concern in recent years about the spread of pests and insects, such as the Asian long-horn beetle and the Pine Wood Nematode, since wood packaging material made of unprocessed raw wood provides a pathway for the introduction and spread of such pests
  • Wooden pallets dominate the worldwide trade market. Growing trees sustainably for pallet making is our responsibility

Packaging Services

• Heat Treated Wooden Pallets as per ISPM 15
• Boxes
• Cable drums
• Crates
• Spools/reels
• Packing Boxes as per ISPM 15
• Plywood Boxes
• Skids
• Wooden Drums to Wooden Palletization
• Plywood Boxes

• These pallets and boxes are long-lasting, stackable and can easily be made hygienic
• There are heavy-duty versions for racking use and lightweight ones that are ideal for airfreight
• They are very expensive as compared to wooden pallets
• They are also prone to fire hazards and emitting dangerous toxins

• Metal pallets are used for military, automotive and tyre industries
• Standard steel pallets are strong but expensive and heavy and they rust over time
• Aluminum pallets are strong but light weight and are good for airfreight
• They all are expensive as compared to wooden pallets

We have ample knowledge and understanding to help you with arranging various aspects of packaging, which can include the selection of pallet type and size, palletising goods, creating and filling crates, ensuring compliance with export regulations and expert packaging. Avoiding damages during transportation & on route and rejections at the port of receipt