ABS Ways is the First Company started by Capt Sudarshan Gupta offering road freight transport services for the convenient shipping of almost any consignment

 We started with a small number of trucks. The company now operates a fleet of trucks for 20ft. and 40ft. containers

 ABS Ways provides excellent and versatile container terminal and warehousing services, flexible Depot services and first-class container handling and repair facilities

 With our latest machinery and numerous accreditations, trucking company of ABS Ways is fully capable of providing comprehensive road freight transportation service across India

 ABS Ways have vast experience in wharf transport and movement of containers between Terminals, Yards, CSF and Godowns

 With the capacity for full and empty shipping containers, dangerous goods handling, reefer container shipping and 24/7 operations, we ensure that your shipment arrives safely to its destination

 With our continuous investments in staff and modern equipment, such as empty handlers, reach stackers, side loaders, drop decks, drop trailers, truck, dangerous goods handling and Shipping container tracking with the Gateway System our transport division meets all required regulations and we ensure that your shipment arrives safely to its destination

 This unique network of dedicated daily feeder services is a faster, more efficient, cost-effective & reliable way to move import & export containers between ports and terminals